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Posted Gratis.
From New Delhi, India

Welcome to Gratis!

There are people falling in the abyss of books, scavenging on magazines, gliding on the web, dusting old coffers and sprinting alongside bookshelves looking for that one story. That one story to [...]

Posted Saher Aamil.
From Delhi, India

Light my fire

Light my heart and watch it burn until it is as dark as Africa. Don’t accuse me of racism. I was there in Paris with you, when you swiped all the African women left on Tinder, without even [...]

Posted Closet Writer.
From Mumbai, India

X & ÷

Before you read any further, you must first know about them – ‘him & her’. You must know why they are the way they are. He was the epitome of positivity. Everything he did, he did with a [...]

Posted Utkarsh Tripathi.
From Delhi, India

The last wish

The majestic lake lay in front of Julu’s eyes. This was the place where it had all started. The moonlight was shimmering on the peaceful water as if a million stars twinkling. Maybe that’s what [...]

Posted Jayesh Ganesh.
From Mumbai, India


The words on the wall in the police station that night read “Truth alone triumphs.” Truth, as I have come to learn however, is a dangerous lie. Truths can be conjured from banal realities. Some [...]

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