Posted Niharika Shenoy.
From Bangalore, India


Amma was chopping onions into paper thin slices and I was grinding the spices in the mortar, a heady aroma of clove, cardamom and coriander spreading in our kitchen, when we first heard the news. [...]

Posted Shashank Mohan.
From Delhi, India


23.00 Azham loved colours. He was pondering over the vastness of the white cloth which extended like a still sheet of water all over his body. His fingers were tucked neatly and tightly below his [...]

Posted Ishani Behari.
From Delhi, India

Bits and Blue

“The password is 19Nov2316”, he said his birth date in his mind. The words seemed to float out of his brain and solidify in mid air. As they hit the blue light next to the door panels, the lights [...]

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