Posted Komal Singh.
From New Delhi, India (Reading Time: 10 minutes)

A Mexican Standoff

(Reading Time: 10 minutes) Breathe. Breathe. Please. This isn’t the place. You need to let it pass. You need to wait till you get home. Breathe. Just finish this and go home. 7.30 pm “Oh my god, [...]

Posted Divya Sreedharan.
From Bangalore, India (Reading Time: 10 minutes)

Eyes Wide Shut

(Reading Time: 10 minutes) He is staring at me. I can sense it. I look up but his eyes are vacant. There is no life, no light in them. Nothing to show that he is aware of his surroundings. Does [...]

Posted Percy Bharucha.
From New Delhi, India (Reading Time: 15 minutes)

The Crimson Stain

(Reading Time: 15 minutes) In many ways a dry cleaner’s job is like amnesia. He is to clothes what tequila is to memories. For as long as she could remember, she had always worked at her father’s [...]

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