The world of storytelling is not as simple as it may read. The thought, the moment, the emotion all captured together in a web of words is as complex a process as any computer system coding. We kid you not on this!

So we thought we should explain how a story travels through the process and basically how its all done at Gratis.

What is Gratis?

Gratis is an online literary journal from India which publishes original short fiction in the English language. We publish creative, fresh and open stories and promote literature which helps us detangle the mesh of human emotions and existence through the medium of storytelling.

How do we work?

Every story is judged on creative merit along with factors like story structure, style and content.

Stories with merit head to the editing stage, which includes – Suggestions and comments, proof-reading, language vetting etc. This process is aimed at understanding and bringing out the central idea of a story in collaboration with the writers.

Do we offer any monetary compensation?

Though we would love to compensate all our contributors, as of now, we do not provide any monetary compensation. By our very name, we are a completely free portal and even provide our editorial services completely free of charge. We run Gratis purely out of love for literature and its lovers.

What’s in it for us? 

For the love of the word world!

Pure Gratification in the process of creating and publishing talent and helping amateur writers with helpful feedback.

For any more questions, please feel free to write to us at –

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