There are people falling in the abyss of books, scavenging on magazines, gliding on the web, dusting old coffers and sprinting alongside bookshelves looking for that one story. That one story to inspire or to move, to revisit the suffering of fellow beings and of all, to seek solace. Gratis is that wooden box full of such stories made for those explorers, those nomads who will chase a sentence to its writer’s origin.

At Gratis, it is our passion to induce everyone to write stories, their own or otherwise and help these stories transcend boundaries and be read by all. We want the world to know the power of a story and connect with people by leveraging the ubiquitous nature of the worldwide web.

To this end, we are excited to release our first quarterly edition of ‘Stories’. These have been composed by our writers based on the themes – ‘Colours’ and/ or ‘Eclipse’. We leave it to you on how to read each story and pick out the theme in them, for it’s the reader who continues the story after its last full stop.

Just to help you a little, our edition promises curiosity and reminiscence; from what dreams are made of to a state of black like intoxication, from the eminent life of a man to the isolated wish of a boy, from a love declared at last to a love devastated yet again.

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” – Anton Ego in Ratatouille the movie.



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